High Pressure Filtered Shower Head Water Saving

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Filtered Shower Head Description:

*HIGH PRESSURE WATER FLOWFiltered Shower Head can increase 300% pressure and save 40% water by forcing water to flow through the laser-cut 5 times smaller water holes on the stainless steel panel.

*HEALTHY IONIC FILTER SHOWER HEAD: Built-in infrared mineral beads which can remove residual chlorine, heavy metals, impurities and bacteria to help clean the waste of skin and make hairs shiny and smooth and anion beads which can increase water’s PH levels and soften tap water to improve cell viability and skin hydration. (Note: It’s recommended to replace the beads at least every 6 months.)

*3 WATERING MODES: On button to realize three watering modes-rainfall mode, jetting mode and massage mode to provide a superb bathing experience to wash your whole day’s stress and fatigue.

*DETACHABLE TO CLEAN: Adopting detachable design to provide a convenient way for cleaning the inner structure of the shower timely.

*EASY to INSTALL Filtered Shower Head: Just screw on any standard shower hose (support G1/2" connection) then freely enjoy your shower.

Filtered Shower Head Features:

• Heavy duty stable consumption grips.
• 3 Modes Water Saving 
Filtered Shower Head
• Adopts the newest advanced technology, instantaneously sanitizing.
• 300% Turbocharger Technology, 40% Water Saving
• 2 Layer Filter for advanced protection from bacteria and weird smell.
• Effective mitigation of skin irritations with the two-layer showerhead filter
• Smooths Skin and Reduces Oil Secretion - Bioactive stones help restore balance in oil glands
• Energy balls gives you Spa Style Deep Clean over every inch of your skin
• Perfect restoration to your shower.
• Wall mounted Water saving and environmental affable shower head.
• Fully modifiable very facile to install.
• Classy design and comfortable touch.
• Elegantly polished with a chrome coating.
• Lightweight but very powerful booming.
• Its Mute effect creates silence surroundings for you to get pleasure from your bathing.
• The water flowing out from the 300 small holes gives happy feelings.
Filtered Shower Head will stay clear and not be covered with black oxide coating.

Package contents:

1 X High Pressure Filtered Shower Head

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High Pressure Filtered Shower Head Water Saving


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